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TeamTalk Updates And Other Things

Hello, folks! I suppose I'll get the TeamTalk aspect of this journal entry out of the way first, since technology is something I quite enjoy.


TeamTalk is a program that will allow people to communicate over voice. In fact, I have a server running on my little network, which some friends and I use. Anyone is welcome provided they follow the rules, which are outlined on the TeamTalk terms page. Some recent updates have provided a mobile client for TeamTalk, something I can use on my Android phone. It seems to work okay, though there are still some stability issues and some features that are missing. I talked with Jeff on my TeamTalk 5 server while I was heading home on the bus, which was pretty cool. I'd never actually talked with someone that extensively on a mobile client like TeamTalk before, and in fact, it's the first time I'd actually done that since TeamTalk 4, which is the most stable version, doesn't have an official mobile client, and the unofficial one is worthless and really doesn't work well.

Well, that's all I have on the TeamTalk front, so let's go into some other things I feel like sharing.

Ordering Electronic Downloads

This is something that you would be wise to be careful about. October 20, 2014, I ordered all of the Left Behind audio drama's from a site which has proven to be unreliable. My money, as a result, has gone down the drain. It's really quite a shame. I'm not angry about it, though. There are probably a lot of people that wouldn't understand why, but anger won't get me anywhere, nor will it help me in any way. The site is down. I have no way of contacting these people. And, I have no way of getting a refund. I keep checking to see if it's back up at any point, though, but so far, I've had no luck. Ah well. Life goes on.

Witnessing To The Facts Of Life

I do this every day. I witness, simply by being myself, showing people who I am, how I act, and other such things. Since I've been saved and become a Christian, my perspectives have changed and I feel like I have more self control than I did before. I try not to push my views and what I believe to be the facts of life on people, since I don't want to run them off. Pushing something on someone over and over is a good way to make them resistant to exploring what you're pushing on them. They develop an aversion to whatever it may be. And as to those who don't believe in God or the Bible, perhaps because they state they don't have a reason or simply don't believe the existence of such, I'm not sure how to witness to those people accept by simply telling them what I can if they allow me to, and being myself. I don't want to make people uncomfortable either, but I wonder if that's the right approach to take. When Russell witnessed to me, he made me uncomfortable as far as countering my own points of an attempt at logic and asking questions. Perhaps, though, it's more accurate to say I made myself uncomfortable. I really had no way of backing up my statements and views at the time before I started reading the Bible, and as a result, I didn't feel secure in my beliefs.

Well, I don't want to ramble on about that, since I already stated my story in the first journal entry.

Wrapping It Up

That's all I have for today. I hope everyone who's read this has enjoyed it, and I hope the search engine bots enjoy it too! The more they crawl the site, the more visitors I'm bound to get. So have fun, Google, people, and others. And feel free to comment!