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Updates After A Long Time

Hello, folks! It's been quite some time since I've updated my journal entries on the site. Exactly four months, in fact. So, there have been a few changes. But first, I want to state that I will be updating my testimony at some point. It's going to have its own page, though I'll keep the old one around since it is one of sorts, though I think I can do better for God.

  1. Someone contacted me about this, and yes, I do have the Left Behind audio series. I'm keeping the old journal entries, though, it'll show how my feelings on the matter evolved. I contacted one of the companies that collaborated with, which as of this writing is still down. They got me the Left Behind series and I found them to be quite entertaining!
  2. Sadly, I now have an apple iPhone... The horror! I'll go into that below this list, directly below, in fact.

Android Accessibility Difficulties

Why? Reliability. I wasn't able to answer calls effectively and reliably all the time, and sometimes, when I ended calls, I would lose speech from my screen reader, either because it was going through the ear piece on the phone, or the volume was turned down. Also, switching to speaker phone wasn't as reliable as I'd like it to be. The iPhone has been working well for me, and I've also switched to T-Mobile from AT&T. So far, that's working well also, and I have better service at my parents house on T-Mobile than I did on AT&T.

Exciting NVDA Developments

For those that don't know what NVDA is, it's a screen reader, something that will take what's on the screen and read it to you. That's a very basic description of what it does, but there's been an exciting development in the works. Remote access! Take a look at the following site.
NVDA Remote

And there you have it! It explains everything for you so I won't go into details, but it's quite an exciting thing! I look forward to a public release, and hope it works well for everyone when it finally does come out. In fact, I hope it's built into NVDA itself at some point, since I think this is a great add-on to have available to everyone, especially for tech support.

The House Watching

Yep, I was watching a house for a little over a week, and my parents rats to make sure they didn't starve to death. I'll be back in my apartment later on today, though, and I'm looking forward to it. Being at my parent's house for a week was all right, but I feel like I have more freedom in my apartment. I also don't have to worry about hearing loud, squeaking rats and wondering if they're ripping each other to shreds in their cage.

"Mom, dad, I'm so sorry, but... Well... I think the rats did each other in."

Now that's not a report I'd want to deliver, would you? Luckily, that didn't happen. The rats squeaking at one another is generally because one rat is being forced to do something she doesn't want to do, or they're playing with each other and one gets hurt. I don't think rats squeak when they're happy, I'm not entirely sure, though.

Final Thoughts

I'll try to update this more often with interesting events, but my life really isn't too interesting. We'll see how that really goes, hmm? Half a year or longer without updates on the old site, so, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Just have fun and live safely, and remember, God is watching you, me, and everything else.